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Slogan Slogan Yes Boss
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Web, Computer & Programing
Web Development
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I provide: 1. Fast and accurate Data Entry work. 2. Website Development using CMS (Joomla and DotNetNuke) 3. SEO monitoring and trimming. 4. Any kind of Data Monitoring work.
Industry Experience Industry Experience  
I currently work Joint Venture with my partner's company and a management team leader. I have been through web development training and skilled with knowledge in Dotnetnuke application. The company's business focus in portal building and web optimization.
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Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training
Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Professional Cert in Photoshop CS2 training.
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I worked as a Planner in well-known Printing Factory in Malaysia-thumbsprint utd Sdn Bhd. I'm skilled with planning and management. I'm able to develop website using html,css, js, and dotnetnuke. I have good sense in art and design. I've latest Photoshop CS3 web developer tools to help in work. I'm able to design trendy websites.
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data entry, website builder, web developer, optimization, seo,
References References Below is my works: - in charge in design framework and some designing work. Concept building. and SEO monitoring. - company that I work with.
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3 Hourly Rate Hourly Rate US-$ 2.0 Quote Charge Quote Charge US-$ 3.0
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  Member Since Member Since Mar 6, 2008
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