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Slogan Slogan Customer Service
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Web, Computer & Programing
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I have been a customer service associate for more than two years now, although not from just one company. The calls I take are both inbound and outbound. Basically, the work I do is give service to customers for a particular account. Currently, I work as a supervisor for customer service representatives.
Industry Experience Industry Experience  
I have worked with Accenture, specifically for an internet connection account. What I do is help customers get hooked to the internet and walk them through creating their e-mails. Then I worked for a marketing research company, wherein I call customers to participate in surveys given by companies who want to know how consumers think about their products and what needs to be improved. The surveys I liked best are the political ones, because I get to understand and know why a certain person feels that way toward a political candidate. Then I got hired as a customer service representative for a publishing services company. What I liked about that job is the people I talk to everyday are authors and it is interesting for a person like me who's aspiring to be an author someday. Presently, my job is taking care of customer queries and complaints, and making sure they get the right resolution. My work also entails handling a specialty. For security reasons, I opt not to divulge that, but it is a fun job.
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-I passed training for GEM or Grammar for Electronic Messaging. -I got a certificate for finishing the HP online courses.
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