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Slogan Slogan uddika
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For your urgent and critical IT network implementation and consulting tasks, I might be the right guy for the best price, your searching for. please feel free to check out my profile and contact me.

I have been involved in various networking environments and implementations. I was an engineer in one of the reputed banking Institutions in Sri Lanka. During my service at the bank, I was responsible for designing, implementing, configuring and troubleshooting LAN/WAN setups together with providing technical improvements and recommendations for RFPs.

Previously, I was employed in an IT system integration company in Sri Lanka for 2 1/2 years, who served the major IT service providers in the country.

At the moment, I will be traveling to UK by mid of September, as a student  for an MSc course in IT. I am looking forward to undertake IT projects and tasks that fall under my area of expertise during my course period in UK, while completing my studies.

Industry Experience Industry Experience  

 More that 5 years of experience in Networking, Data Communication Systems. Experience in installation and configuration 

of Networks based on Juniper, Cisco and Nortel products. Good knowledge of networking and internet protocols such as BGP, 

multicast, VPNs, QoS and MPLS. Involvement in RFP solution preparations, solution designing and documentation regarding 

networking implementation projects

Profile Profile  
Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP‐BSCI).

Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA). Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist (JNCIS‐M). 

Nortel Certified Support Specialist (NCSS). 

Member of British Computer Society (MBCS), fully completed BCS professional examinations UK.

Professional Experience Professional Experience  

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC                        March 2009 – August 2009
[Networking and Communications – IT]
Network Engineer [Executive Officer 1B]

Planning, implementing Supporting and administration of the voice and e‐mail and Internet infrastructure.

To maintain a robust, secure and high performance Network:
Maximum availability of Network, Email & Internet Infrastructure
a) Unplanned downtime <= 0.02%
b) Bank operations are directly affected by downtime
Security of Network
a) No instances of successful breach
b) Bank reputation and therefore revenue are dependent on security

Capacity Planning and deployment of appropriate monitoring & reporting tools 
a) Detailed annual planning and compilation of budget
b) Capex and Opex disciplines

Plan, Implement and Manage: H/O LAN (including city office), Union Place building LAN, DR site LAN, Island‐wide branch Network, Bangladesh
Network Connectivity to other financial institutions, Internet Load Balancing, Second and third level Network Troubleshooting, Configuration
Management and Network documentation
Maintain relationships:
External: Liaise with regulators and suppliers to ensure service continuity.
Internal: Update IT Management and develop close work relationships with colleagues at IT and other supporting units.
Build reputation for reliability and superior service with branches and departments.
Problems & challenges:
Maintain a minimum of 99.98% Network availability

JUST IN TIME (JIT) HOLDINGS PVT. LTD                        June 2006‐ February 2009
[Professional Services Division – Data Networking]
Network Engineer

Guide associate network engineers during network implementations and ongoing project maintenance plus Coordinating and working ogether with senior management, project managers and marketing managers for project solutions, design and implementationsCorresponding with principals such as Nortel and Juniper for implementations Research on new solutions and configuration testing of network products and devices Helping sales personnel on RFP documents provided by customers by giving technical side input Presales and post sales support of networking solutions with senior network engineers Attending support calls relating to network division, under management instructions
Projects involved:
National Savings Bank WAN/LAN project
Involvement in VLAN, SMLT, and OSPF routing configurations of Nortel Passport 8003 core switches at NSB Head office.
Basic configurations and Diffserv/QoS implementations of Nortel Passport 2430 routers at NSB branch offices.
Setting up trunking and VLAN settings for Nortel BayStack 425 access switches at NSB Head office.
Facilitating routing configuration for secondary WAN link provider for NSB branches

Sri Lanka Telecom Radius Load Balancing project
Upgrading OS for the Nortel Alteon 2208 Application Switches
Configuration of the AS2208 for load balancing SLT RADIUS authentication / accounting sessions between RADIUS servers.
Sri Lanka Telecom MPLS phase III expansion project
Installing four M320 Juniper core routers in SLT premises.
Involve in configuring basic connectivity, protocol setup, MPLS, LDP/RSVP multicasting and QoS features as per the core
network functional requirements.
Sri Lanka Telecom Broadband Service Router implementation
Installing three Juniper E120 routers at SLT premises.
Involve in configuring basic connectivity, QoS, virtual routers and services as for SLT’s ADSL and IPTV customer
Sri Lanka Telecom Service Aggregation in ISP network project 
Installing Juniper MX960 routers at SLT premises.
Configuring BGP peering of routers with SLT’s G/Ws and core routers



JUST IN TIME (JIT) HOLDINGS PVT. LTD June 2006‐ December 2006
[Professional Services Division – Data Networking]
Associate Network Engineer

Working alongside a senior network engineer or network architect to successfully complete and deliver network projects

carried ut by JIT.
• Corresponding with principals such as Nortel and Juniper
• Research on new solutions and configuration testing of network products and devices
• Helping sales personnel on RFP documents provided by customers by giving technical side input
• Presales and post sales support of networking solutions with senior network engineers
• Attending support calls relating to network division, under management instructions

[IT Department ‐ Lab]
System Support Officer

Performing network administration functions at the systems room to support the network services within the institute.
• Installations and maintenance of IIT domain, mail, proxy servers
• Assuring the security of the IIT network and student labs
• Installations and maintenance of system room network devices and IIT network infrastructure
• Performing network configuration alterations for supporting student project requirements and testing needs

[Network & Communication Systems Department, IT]
Technical Officer

Coordinate with controllers, network Administrators and Engineers in order to carry out day‐to‐day work and timely update the status

• Identify and analyze operational problems and take appropriate corrective actions to ensure minimum downtime of the network.
• Carry out preventive maintenance to ensure high availability of the entire network, SCS and associated network devices.
• Self‐update of the knowledge related to LAN/WAN equipments, OS, business and office applications and transfer the knowledge to peers and subordinates in order to maintain the smooth operatio of network.

Keywords Keywords  
network networking cisco juniper nortel consultancy exam exams help troubleshooting configure configuring
References References

Dr. Chamil Arandara
(AGM ‐ IT)
Just in Time Holdings PVT Ltd.
Professional Services Division
345 Ra De Mel Mawatha
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka
Tel : 94 112 574083 ‐ 112
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