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Spirituality & Religion
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Spirit Medium,,Psychic,,Artist,,,Craftswoman..Writer

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Pandora's Boxxx Greensboro, NC  06/08 - 1/14/09
Sales Clerk  I work here as the day time sales clerk. I rent adult DVD's, ring the cash register, assist customers
with their purchases and advise them on what would best suit their needs on adult itens such as: lingerie,
adult toys, herbal supplements, and specific adult films. I took this job as I needed it at the time but am seeking
more suitable employment. I am grateful as I enjoy dealing with the public and here I was doing this. The store was closed down due to the status of the US economy.

I own and operate my own website for sexy lingerie, shoes, and dancewear. Most of my abilities are self-acquired. I enjoy learning and teaching. There were not many people available to me as a child due to the loss of parents. If I so desired to learn anything, it had to come from my own self driven desires. I am a spirit medium with good positive energy and influences. I enjoy motivating and encouraging others in this current, negative world that we live in. Many come to me for my spiritual insight and for strength, hope, and peace. I have been studying Spirituality for many years, not only for my own direction but to guide and assist others. I am a tremendous woman of courage, strength, and an amazing testimony to the spiritual gifts that I possess. I am always happy to share my knowledge with others.

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Writer, Spiritual, Artist, Creative, Activist
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