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1. Government Fertilizer Company, as IT Infrastructure Manager 2. IT System Integrator, as Recruiter
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Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training
School of Medicine (Bachelor degree) Effective Communication Skill (Certificate) Report Writing (Certificate) Micro Teaching (Certificate) Middle Management Course (certificate) Project Management (Certificate) Information Technology & Computer Science (Certificate)
Professional Experience Professional Experience  
1. As a Manager for IT Infrastructure Division, who manage and was responsible for IT Infrastructure availability and performance, and human resource support to succeed the works, which is the most critical aspect in any organization. 2. As a Recruiter, have been successfully recruiting more than 100 employees to fill the right positions. Most of them were from IT, finance, and admin environment
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Selecting and choosing the appropriate candidate for the suitable positions is the most importing thing in recruitment activities, which contributes the significant value to the organization
References References Ms. Chen Chen, Personnel Department of CORMIC, Group of IT Companies, Jakarta, Indonesia
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3 Hourly Rate Hourly Rate US-$ 40.0 Quote Charge Quote Charge US-$ 10.0
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