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Slogan Slogan Quality Software and Delivery at Time
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IT Projects / Services
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Folder IT Solutions is Software Factory Certificated in Quality with 10 years of life, currently we have 48 Seniors developers dedicated to provide services offshore and nearshore (eventually onsite) with high QA level and excelent english level. Our core businnes is work to others IT Companies as Partner on several technologies (we dont work to final customers), we work on models where our participation is transparent for the final customer - my team is your team - we base the success of: The comunication, the anssurance quality and the just time of delivery.
Services we provide:
* Software factory and outsourcing in software development: Java-JEE, .NET, Oracle Development Tools (Forms, Reports, PL-SQL) & Business Suite, PowerBuilder, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Flex, Ajax and more.
* Continuation, extension and improvement of projects currently underway.
* Software and system engineering and application migrations to new technologies.
* Legacy technologies software maintenance and development.
* Consultancy, counseling and external system audits by experts.
* Ad-hoc workcells.
* In-company manpower services.
* Training services.
* Testing services of the applications and development projects...

Industry Experience Industry Experience  

United States (Mattel Toy's)
United States (Arcalife)
England (Bonobet)
Spain (Tecnicas Competitivas SA - Canary Island Government)
Spain (Moisés Rodrigo Gonzales Inc - Windows Mobile)
Spain (Luz Market - Managment)
Spain (Indexneo - Digital Signature Managment)
Spain (Clinica Tinabana - HIGEA Citas and schedule health)
Puerto Rico (IBM Puerto Rico - TV-Ip)
Puerto Rico (Telephone of Puerto Rico)
Dominican Republic (Atenea Textil Industry)
Costa Rica (Logosoft)
Argentina (Red Megatone Retail)
Argentina (OSDE)
Argentina (AGD - Aceitera General Deheza)

Profile Profile  
Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training

Software Quality Certification: ISO9001:2000 extended by Bureau Veritas Quality Internation

Professional Experience Professional Experience  

Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, c#, Windows Mobile, Visual Basic, Visual C++, PowerBuilder, Rubi on Rails, Python, etc.

JAVA, J2EE, J2ME, Struts, Strust I y II, JBPM, JSF, JSP, Servlets, GWT Seam, Hibernate, Spring, EJB3, JPA, WebServices, Ajax, Flex, Flash, etc

Content Management System: Joomla, Drupal, OpenCms, JBoss Portal, Alfresco, DHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JDBC, JMS, SQL, XML, XSL, Swing, etc

ORACLE Delevopment Tools, Forms, Reports, PL-SQL, EBusiness Suite, Apex, Daybreak, Servicios de DBA, Etc

IDES & TOOLS: JBuilder, Oracle JDeveloper, Eclipse, Visio ArgoUML, ClearCase, ERWin, Macromedia Dreamweaver,

Microsoft Project, OpenOffice, Bugzilla, CVS, NetBeans, WebsPhere

DBs: Oracle, Informix,Sybase Postgree, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Maxdb, Interbase, Firebird, Mysql, SQLServer, ASASybase, ASESybase, etc

METHODOLOGIES: Agile, Extreme Programming, RUP Use Cases, UML, DER, etc

SO: Unix Linux, Windows 2000,NT Windows XP, Vista, MAC/OS, NCR UNIX, PALM OS, SCO, Solaris, etc

SERVERS: Jboss, Oracle Application Server, Sun Application Server Apache, WebLogic, Internet Information Server Tomcat, WebSphere, etc

Keywords Keywords  
software, Java, NET, Development, PowerBuilder
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10-14 Hourly Rate Hourly Rate US-$ 10.0 Quote Charge Quote Charge US-$ 10.0
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