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Slogan Slogan Marketing Expert in Training
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Freelance Work
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I have worked retail since High School and have always had 2 jobs at one time. Although, now with a new family I have settled down and want to work more from home upon which I have started my own home daycare! From the marketing aspect, I have it all! I went to college and now have my Associate degree in Marketing!
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I have worked with children since I was 12 when I took my certification course in babysitting and now have about 80 hours of child development training. I have worked outside sales with Vision Marketing out of Milwaukee, WI before moving back closer to home with my second child and this is where I plan to stay. I have also ran my own mystery shopping and freelance work with a variety of diffent companies as an indepentant contractor.
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2003 Associate degree- Applied Science Marketing Madison Area Techincal College- Madison, WI 2007- 80 hours of child development
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I run 2 of my own businesses out of my home. A daycare of 4 children and an online shopping through on the weekends. I want something during those down times!
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training, typing, marketing, organizational, independent worker, team worker,
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4-7 Hourly Rate Hourly Rate US-$ 5.0 Quote Charge Quote Charge US-$ 50.0
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