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Slogan Slogan Basic Informations
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Primary Service Primary Service
Secondary Service Secondary Service
Freelance Work
Freelance Work
Service Description Service Description  
pc setup, basic networking, basic troubleshooting hardware and software, basic visual Basic 6.0 Programming and Visual Foxpro programming, Photo editing (adobe photoshop, corel), MS OFFICE applications, Macromedia flash programming, Basic Inventory
Industry Experience Industry Experience  
Information Technology and Finance
Profile Profile  
Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training Education/Degree/Qualifications/Certificates/Training
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology CISCO 1 Networking Basics CISCO 2 Routers and Routing Basic CISCO 3 Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing
Professional Experience Professional Experience  
Basic Troubleshooting Hardware, PC Setup, Photo Editing, Programming and Basic Inventory.
Keywords Keywords  
pcsetup,basicnetworking,basictroubleshootinghardware,software,basicvisualBasicProgramming,Visualfoxpro,Photoediting,MSOFFICEapplications,Macromediaflashprogramming, Basic Inventory
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Experience Experience
3 Hourly Rate Hourly Rate US-$ 10.0 Quote Charge Quote Charge US-$ 280.0
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  Member Since Member Since Jul 27, 2007
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