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I have moved from being a techical writer, to a writer of web content (see end for a brief expalnation about writing content for the web), to optimizing web sites for search engines (SEO), to running pay per click ad campaigns with an obssesive focus on improving CTRs and reducing average CPC, to Landing Page Optimization, to Conversion testing using Google Website Optimzier.

I am looking for website projects that need expertise at any point along the website marketing continum that includes:

  • traffic generation (SEO, PPC, Press Releases, etc)
  • website optimization (both technical and content optimization)
  • conversion optimization (landing page, content, design, layout, usability, conversion testing etc)

I am fairly knowledgeable on all aspects of running a website (content, design, marketing) with a decent amount of technical know how.  While I may not know the exact technical nuance for a specific implementation my conceptual understanding will help you drill down to the problem faster than otherwise.  For website projects I can provide you with that sorely needed 360-degree view, which can include: 

  • A contextual sanity check on your business plan, your target audience, their interests
  • Research on what makes your market/niche tick, what are the keywords you should use
  • Identifying the power train of words and conversion factors that you should embed into your website
  • Helping you clarify your objectives and helping you establish concrete direction in the steps you need to take to acheive your vision
  • Reviewing the current state of your website from three perspectives: search engine friendly content, search engine friendly design, conversion optimization. 
  • Xraying through your web analytics and identifying patterns for you to profit from

Writing web content is radically different from other forms of writing.  At the very least you need to take cognizance of the fact that website visitors are in speed reading mode till they hit the mother lode of content that is directly linked to their desire.


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SEO, SEM, Conversion Optimization
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