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Creative Arts & Design
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We do weddings; planning, designing, coordinating, showers and all other events and aspects of a wedding.  We have specialty gifts that are one of a kind.  We make baskets from $10 to $1000, we do unique candy gifts (wreaths, Hershey balls and many more fun ideas), diaper cake (great shower decoration/ center piece or gift), towel cake (great for showers and gifts), we do draping and lighting, fruit design and much more.  Contact me for samples!

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We have worked with many different cultures, religions, ethnicities, music and movie industry.

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Bachlores in Visual Technology

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I have done over 40 weddings, lots of parties and all other events.  I started working for my dad's Party Rental and Service Company in 1999.  My dad has done over 300 weddings and still counting. Over the years we have done parties and exceeded our competitors with our extraordinary and extravagant event and unbeatable, affordable prices.  Our gifts that are homemade are always one of a kind.  You pick a theme or a color scheme or both and a price I get right to work. We strive on customer satisfaction and word of mouth that is why we have been so successful.  I do work in Florida and my dad does it in California. Our gifts can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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graphics, wedding, weddings, planner, event, coordinator, design, cheap, affordable, graphic design, baskets, basket design, gifts, candy, unique gift
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Referances available upon request.

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