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Creator: Discreet FX Date: 2007-12-16 18:24:36.0 Delivery On:
Status: Open / Active Amount: $ 10,418.00
First programmer/team to port even a beta version to Amiga OS/MorphOS. Yes a FireFox (Firebird) port would also qualify for the mone.
Your time... Your Pace...
Programmers should stick with GCC as their compiler of choice, which is the best way to get the project to become native on MorphOS, OS4, and x86/Amithlon, AROS etc. The AmiZilla Project must fully compile with running binaries on each of the following Amiga-like OS's: OS3.1, OS3.5+, MorphOS native version, Amiga OS 4.0 native version, UAE, Amithlon, DraCo. (Hint: don't hit the hardware, and stick to OS3.1: MUI, ClassAct 2, some internal gadget system, and bgui are acceptable). -etc. If a person or team successfully ports Firefox to one of the target operating systems then they will get 25% of the booty.
NO enforcer hits, NO wipeout hits, NO patchwork hits and preferably no memory leaks either...


Creator: AROS Date: 2007-12-19 18:30:59.0 Delivery On:
Status: Open / Active Amount: $ 11,880.00
Team AROS is a grass roots support group for AROS. We are trying to act as a catalyst for AROS, currently primarily by raising money through donations for focused development. Basically, Team AROS enables people to donate money to special bounty projects that focus on a particular feature they would like implemented in AROS. The developer, upon completion of the project, receives the bounty amount. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to start a new bounty, please contact: Randy Vice. Team AROS now accepts PayPal™ credit/debit donations. As such, *ALL* donations will be subject to PayPal™ fees and exchange rates. Donations will be displayed cut down to the nearest whole dollar after the fees have been taken out by PayPal™.
Your time... Your Pace...
Team AROS has now a subscription donation plan. You now may donate a lump sum to Team AROS or you may also subscribe to the teamaros-benefactors mailing list with either a recurring $5 or $10 monthly donation. The purpose of this is to setup an automated donation that pools the money to a targetted bounty. It will continue to pool the monies until the bounty is claimed or it raises enough monies to hit maximum funding level. PayPal™ fees are of course taken from the monthly donation.
Bounty Projects are open to anyone that has a reasonable capability of completing the project. Typically it's on first to ask basis, but Team AROS and or the sponsor of the bounty may choose differently. If the developer can not complete the project by the given time period, the bounty agreement is void and no money will be issued for work done. Team AROS may extend the time period if it's reasonable and prudent to do so. Apon voiding the agreement, Team AROS may reissue the project to another developer. Payment for a project shall be issued in no less then 72 hours after the AROS Developer Community has had five business days to determine if the code is stable and usefulness and no major issues are left unresolved. Payment shall be in either PayPal™ (Preferred) or via money order and shipped via snailmail. Apon recieving payment, the project developer shall issue (within 24 hours) email to Team AROS and to AROS Developers ML or AROS web board that they have recieved payment. All code submitted shall be of a qualified open source license. AROS Public License and GPL/LGPL are the two preferred licenses. Any questions on the licensing issues should directed to the AROS Developer's Community. Code has to be submitted to the AROS SVN repository.


Creator: Amiga Bounty Date: 2007-12-19 18:39:22.0 Delivery On:
Status: Open / Active Amount: $ 662.90
This is a bounty to get the game development library Allegro ported to AmigaOS 4.0. Versions for the other operating systems like OS3.9, Morphos and Aros should be relatively easy to compile from the OS4 sources. No developer(s) is currently assigned to the task, if you're interested please send me an email.
Your time... Your Pace...
Allegro is very similiar to SDL. Allegro is a portable library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming, originally started by Shawn Hargreaves for the DJGPP compiler in a mixture of C and assembler. According to the Oxford Companion to Music, Allegro is the Italian for «quick, lively, bright». It is also a recursive acronym which stands for «Allegro Low LEvel Game ROutines». Links. Information and download at the official Allegro homepage: http://www.talula.demon.co.uk/allegro/index.html Examples of games that could be ported when we get Allegro: http://www.allegro.cc/
None, apart from a willing developer/team. If it's a team we leave it up to the team to split the money between them how they see fit.
Allegro is gift-ware. It was created by a number of people working in cooperation, and is given to you freely as a gift. You may use, modify, redistribute, and generally hack it about in any way you like, and you do not have to give us anything in return... Click here to read the entire Allegro Giftware license. Donations can be made via Paypal and this site will be be updated with names and amounts contributed. I encourage every user who wants more games and applications, to contribute min. EUR 10,00.


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